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Here you can read the long version about me and how I started working full-time on the internet. I’m a normal guy living in the South West of England with my beautiful girlfriend Josie and dog named Dennis. (pictured below).


The Long Version

Hello, I’m Oliver, a 27 year old man from a small town in England, and the guy behind oliverkenyon.com. You may or may not be familiar with my story or what I do, but I want you to know there’s nothing special about me or my background. I’m not rich, I’m not as successful as I’m aiming to be. The only difference between me and others is my drive, I won’t stop until I know I’m where I want to be!

I’m a fully qualified chef who became an online webmaster and entrepreneur who now earns a full time living online. I’m a huge Liverpool FC fan which comes in handy as not everything with them has been plain sailing. I’ve been through my own share of struggles and triumphs which is why I started this company and my blog. My vision is to share both the good and bad times with you, to openly show you how I make money online and hopefully inspire others to oliverkenyon.com

If you want the short version click here, for the long version, read on!

My Story

I grew up in a small town just outside of Bristol in the United Kingdom. I had a very normal upbringing from two amazing parents alongside my older sister, Sophie. We weren’t rich, but my parents were always financially comfortable. At a very early stage in my life, they taught me the value of money. I attended a local school but I wasn’t overly academic and instead played the class clown. Outside of school, I was taught to earn my own money from a very early age. At the age of thirteen, I already had two paper rounds and a Saturday shift in the local Italian restaurant.

This was my rebelling stage and for the next few years, I messed around at school and became a bit of a nuisance. It wasn’t that I was a bad teenager I just wasn’t interested in school and couldn’t wait for the weekends to play football, drink beer and have fun with my mates. This was also the time that I found the internet and became obsessed with rap music, yes, you heard me correctly, rap music! I used to worship 2Pac, Eminem, Dre and others. Around the same time that “rap battles” were becoming very popular with the release of Eminem’s film, 8 Mile. Many hours were wasted logging into my computer every night after school to watch different battles and rap music videos online. I soon stumbled across various rap music websites and communities. After establishing myself as a solid forum member on several of these rap sites I thought to myself, “Why don’t I start my own!?” I had the bug!

I always reminisce with my Dad about the very first time that I knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur. It was at the age of around 16, I sat my father and grandfather down at my grandparents’ house and pitched them my “rap battle website” idea as if I was on Dragons Den.
I managed to raise £80 from them in return for 40% stake in my website. Back then that covered the setup costs of a vBulletin license, hosting and domain. To this day, my Dad still winds me up that he has a 40% stake in my company. It would be a sound investment, if he did! My first sites included: an Eminem fan site on moonfruit.com, an audio rap battling site, and my first ever community setup with the help of my Dad and Grandfather’s investment.

With the help of some after school home tutoring I managed to scrape through my GCSE’s with 9 passes which gave me everything I needed in order to progress with my A levels. I continued to work at the local restaurant as a pizza chef and then progressed into the main kitchen. I soon formed a very close bond with the family and friends at the restaurant. Even now, they are like a second family to me. At this point in my life, I was 17 and started my first year in upper school. Bear in mind that I didn’t like studying in my GCSEs years, so it probably wasn’t the best decision to continue in school but sixth form was a little more relaxed and I soon found myself spending more time messing around in the common room and choosing to work at the restaurant rather than revising and attending my lessons. School just didn’t excite or motivate me to learn, so I dropped out!

Earlier, I explained how my parents taught me the value of money from a very young age and I thank them for that. They encouraged me to do something with my life rather than waste it. So even though I dropped out of school, I found a real interest in cooking and I was improving at it more and more as I worked in the restaurant. I decided to apply for some culinary arts courses that this was the path I wanted to go down. I wanted to be the best, I’ve always had that entrepreneurial drive in me and even when I was training to be a chef, it was always there. I had a vision of owning and running my own restaurant, not working for somebody else.

I had an opportunity to complete a three year cookery course in a one year time period due to my experience (working in the kitchen since I was 13). I packed my bags and moved to Stratford for a year to study for my NVQ 3 in culinary arts. I really enjoyed my year in Stratford and met some great friends and people. My spare time was spent in my dorm room on my laptop working on my websites. At this time I was running a pretty large rap battle community and started another forum related to males and sport. Being very naive at this stage, I didn’t know if or how I could make money from my sites.

I managed to pass my 3 year course in just a year and with the distinction of getting the highest mark in the class in my practical exam (cooking a 3 course meal). Returning home I returned to the local restaurant but started working full time in the kitchen. Meanwhile my online journey was moving in the right direction.

I was obsessed with communities and forums and soon stumbled across the larger webmaster forums during my enquiries about how to make money online via my sites. I managed to sell the odd advertisement here and there but it wasn’t until I found Cost Per Action marketing that I started to think of this as a profession. Networking on these forums led me to some great contacts within the online space and I managed to get introduced to a CPA marketing network. Cost Per Action is basically when you get paid by a network for a specific action you get someone to do, for example filling out an online questionnaire.

It was the World Cup, and my friends and I set up a site whereby Facebook users could win an England shirt in return for entering our competition. In order to enter, they simply had to fill out one of these questionnaires. To my utter amazement, we both made around £1000 in a week! So now we had really become addicted. This, however, was the most significant moment of my decision leading up to leaving my chef’s job. CPA marketing was very new to me but I was reading about people making thousands a day from it. I just didn’t know how to get that information, so in my typical entrepreneurial fashion, I built another forum.

This forum was specifically for me and my new online contacts to discuss help and share CPA marketing tactics online. I never expected the forum to be such a success! In two years, the forum grew to over ten thousand members and I started to learn how to monetize my website in order to make money from it. I was still working full time as a chef and at this stage of my life I was living with some friends in a house, paying rent and bills. Although I didn’t earn much working in the kitchen and had to work very long hours, every spare hour I had was spent on my forum working online.

I lost friends, girlfriends and much more because I was so driven and determined to make this work. It wasn’t easy working 14 hour days in the kitchen and then into the early hours of the night on my site, but it would soon be worth all the hard work. In 2012, I finally took the plunge to quit my career as a chef in order to pursue my dream of being an online entrepreneur. In 2013, I formed my first ever company and have been establishing my name, brand and websites ever since.


oliverkenyon.com was established to be my home in order to document and incorporate all of my online projects and sites.
I’m a huge believer in branding and having a clear direction, which is why I created oliverkenyon.com. When I have an idea and solid vision, I do the correct planning and then begin working with that dotcom. The name fits perfectly with the essence that is me and all that I am involved in.
I currently maintain and run several start ups and websites which you can read about here. I practise what I preach and all of my companies have turnovers in excess of $100,000.
All of my income is derived via my online companies, websites and various marketing campaigns.
Now my mission is to take oliverkenyon.com and it’s projects to the next level by increasing its online presence, growing our team and ensuring its future success.


My vision for oliverkenyon.com is to connect and document myself, my companies and my teams progress.
I will continue to expand our current businesses as well as adding new ones at regular intervals.

The oliverkenyon.com Blog will be used to document everything I learn and all that I encounter during my online journey.
My vision is to turn oliverkenyon.com into a globally recognized brand and successful online business. At the same time, I want to create a useful and helpful blog whose main goal is helping many individuals become online entrepreneurs and doing my bit to pay it forward.
You will not find any hard sales, no copy written posts nor me telling you to buy this or that. I blog from my own personal experiences and real life case studies with in depth detail on how I run my businesses online.
I have been very lucky and fortunate to find my way in life and blessed that I already know what I excel at and why I’m meant to be here. I’m hoping I can encourage many people to simply oliverkenyon.com

You never know where it may take you.
Good luck,

Oliver Kenyon.

P.S: if the above has inspired you already and you want to stat your own dot com, visit this link here.

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