On November the 3rd Andy and I, my business partner were invited by GlobalWide Media to host our first ever public speaking gig. Representing the Landing Page Guys we were asked to present a talk about landing page conversions and how to build high converting landing pages. The Landing Page Guys is a full design,  Read Full Post

Landing pages are a crucial part of any modern day business. Whether it’s a direct response affiliate landing page created to generate millions of dollars in revenue or it’s a landing page for a local business, it has to pass these following tests if you want it to perform. By perform, I’m ultimately talking about  Read Full Post

I’ve now been running my design and development company for 3 years and cofounded Landing Page Guys around 2 years ago. Since starting the company, my partner Andy Haskins and I have grown an extensive team of the best designers and developers in the world in our chosen market. Our team have created thousands of  Read Full Post

In late 2012, I was building multiple affiliate campaigns, websites and projects with very little thought process or planning. I would wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, create a brief, and post it on oDesk or DigitalPoint forums to have some developers apply for the task of designing and developing  Read Full Post

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