Last Thursday, Andy and I set off on a 1000-mile journey in search of our Lovecars colleagues! The journey saw us road tripping from Bristol in the southwest of England all the way down to Cannes in the south of France. Luckily enough for us, we were given the latest Volvo V60 by the fantastic  Read Full Post

Facebook pages still hold MASSIVE value. Yes, it’s true that they don’t hold the value they had several years ago before all the clever algorithms were introduced and before Facebook advanced their paid self-service platform, but the fact is, if you have a large Facebook page, you have a large social following and influence. The  Read Full Post

If you’ve been following my monthly growth reports, you’d have read about my involvement with Lovecars. For those of you who haven’t, or those who’d like to know more, Lovecars is the most exciting start-up in the automotive and car space in the world. It’s the place to be for people who, well, love cars.  Read Full Post

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