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5 Business Lessons I Learnt whilst Sipping Margaritas!

By Oliver Kenyon on Jul 30th 2015

I’ve recently come back from my summer holiday where my partner Josie and I visited France and Spain. As far as holidays are concerned, I’ve always been one of those people who say “Ah, we’ll never visit the same place twice. That would be weird!” However, three years ago that all changed. It was at  Read Full Post

How we Targeted our Business to Quadruple the Profits

By Oliver Kenyon on Jul 20th 2015

In late 2012, I was building multiple affiliate campaigns, websites and projects with very little thought process or planning. I would wake up in the middle of the night with an idea, create a brief, and post it on oDesk or DigitalPoint forums to have some developers apply for the task of designing and developing  Read Full Post

Mine and Others First Blog Post!

By Oliver Kenyon on Jun 18th 2015

I first launched back in 2013. I think I wrote about 6 posts and shut it down. Back then I was only a year or so into full time online employment and I hadn’t yet learnt the trade properly. I think in all honesty it was a little premature of me and I didn’t  Read Full Post

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