Here’s a list of all of the various tools, services and software I personally use for my businesses.

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HostGator: HostGator is by far the best hosting company for new sites on a budget. The cost, support and performance is better than any other hosting company. Make sure you use our coupon code by clicking here.

Sparknode: Sparknode is the baby of HiVelocity and therefore means it's the best place to get your hands on affordable and reliable VPS servers. I move my sites from Sparknode to HiVelocity when big enough.

Hivelocity: I host most of my sites on my own HIVELOCITY dedicated servers. If you're looking for an affordable dedicated server then don't look any further. The performance and uptime is better than anywhere else.

UnderHost: UnderHost is a great company to help you setup and maintain those all important remote server back ups. For as little as $7 a month you can remotely backup your dedicated server.


Go Daddy: Go daddy is my preferred place to register and manage my domains. It's the cheapest and most secure place to handle everything domain related within one login. The support is good and they have some nice extensions to register.

namePros: namePros is my personal favourite domain name forum. Although other exist namePros is FREE and it's a great place to buy and sell domains. Make sure you checkout the wanted domain name forum.

BrandBucket: BrandBucket is the perfect place to buy and sell amazing domain names. I've bought and sold names on BrandBucket myself and it's a great place to pick up some great names for your new company or startup.

Buy Domains: A great place to find premium domains for sale. Usually higher priced but one of the only places to grab premium domains thats trusted. I've purchased several large domains from them in the past with no issues. Always bid less!


Ninja Popups: Ninja Popups is the best and most affordable pop up plugin for WordPress. Easily configure and integrate your email service providers pop up forms with great looking pop ups that capture your users information.

WordPress: WordPress is by far the best website content management system on the planet and best of all it's free! It easily enables you to start, build and grow your websites. WordPress is free for everyone to use and is very simple.

ThemeForest: ThemeForest is a great resource for web design on a budget. You can pick up some amazing themes and different pages for your websites. I always go custom now but if you don't have much to spend it's a winner.

CodeCanyon: CodeCanyon is the sister site of ThemeForest. It's an amazing marketplace for scripts and codes to use on your websites. Get some amazingly cheap plugins and WordPress additions to enhance your sites.


XenForo: XenForo is now my preferred choice of forum management software. After switching over from vBulletin I feel XenForo is by far the best option to anyone wanting to start a new forum. It's affordable and very robust.

aMember: aMember is a MUST HAVE addition to anyone running a forum. It gives you the ability to do things standard forum software doesn't and helps monetise your site. Make sure you use our coupon code by clicking here.

Project Management

Basecamp: Basecamp is my chosen project management app. It literally changed the efficiency in my companies and boosted the way in which we work. It's one of the best things I've added to improve my workflow.


FPTraffic: FPTraffic is an online tool created by a good friend of mine. It allows you to automate everything related to growing, expanding and monetising your Facebook fan pages. Make sure you use our coupon code by clicking here.

KnowEm: Thinking of starting a new site or business? Then make sure your first stop is knowem. It searches through all the popular social networks to see if your name has been taken. If they haven't I suggest registering them yourself ASAP.


MailChimp: MailChimp is an aWeber alternative that I personally use for my non affiliate related email lists. You can import or build out your own email marketing lists and setup auto response sequences and solo emails.

Mandrill: Mandrill is an SMTP email service from the guys behind MailChimp. It allows you to use their servers to send out mass mail at an amazing price. I currently use Mandrill to send out all my bulk emails for my projects and forums.

AWeber: My chosen auto response and email management system. It allows you to gather opt ins to build lists in order to market to them via auto responding funnels and broadcasts. Make sure you use our coupon code by clicking here.

OptinSkin: OptinSkin is a tool created by the founder of the brilliant blog ViperChill. It allows anyone to easily create email opt in forms and integrates seeminglessly with all the top email service providers.


Voluum: Voluum is my chosen tracking software for affiliate marketing campaigns. It’s user friendly dashboard allows you to track and therefor analyse and optimise your affiliate marketing campaigns further.

Improvely: Improvely is the best and most affordable conversion tracking software on the market. I prefer it to Google analytics for setting up conversion goals and then using different tracking links per goal to see what converts.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics helps you monitor, track and report on who and what visits your website. Used in it's simplest form it will be able to tell you how many people have visited your site and from what traffic source.

YOURLS: YOURLS is an amazing free little tool that allows you to use your own creative domain to track your links. Install YOURLS on your chosen domain and it will track your links, clicks and chosen keywords from your browser login panel.


Google Webmaster Tools: Webmaster Tools is kind of Googles blueprint for SEO and making the most out of your google rank. It will tell you whats missing and if theres any issues with your sites, that may later effect search engine rankings.

MOZ: MOZ is a paid SEO software and inbound marketing solution. It provides in-depth analysis on your search engine rankings and social traffic. You can also compare and effectively spy on your competition.

SEMRush: SEMRush is a great tool for competitive research on similar sites to yours. You can easily spy on your competition in order to see where they rank on search engines and how they are doing it. It's a great tool for SEO marketers.

SEOWorkers: SEO Workers boast a great tool that checks, analysis and reports on your basic SEO score card. It will check all the small thing essential to search engines that are very easy to miss or get wrong.

Keyword Planner: Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that enables you to search through keywords and terms to get estimated search data. This enables you to get a good idea of what people are searching for.


UpWork: Having spent thousands on outsourcing over the past few years I have found UpWork the best freelance and outsource company online. Set up new job listings and have freelancer interview for the work.

iWriter: iWriter is a great place to get cheap and quality content for your website and blogs. You can hire different standards of writers at all different costs who will provide good unique articles at an affordable rate.

SpeechPad: SpeechPad is the best place online to get your transcriptions done. Transcribe audio to text or viva versa. For an affordable rate you can have your audio or videos transcribed into text for blog posts etc.

Hatchwise: Hatchwise is my chosen platform for design contests. I always like to get my logo's from a contest as I think its healthy to get many creative minds coming up with different ideas and angles for your brand.


ScreenFlow: Screenflow is the software I use to shoot, edit and extract my videos. It's a mac based software and is very easy to use. Record audio, inbuilt cameras, screen recordings and more. Well worth the one time cost.

Website Management

GTmetrix: GTmetrix is an amazing must use tool for analysing your websites overall speed and performance. It will give you overall ratings based on different metrics on how your websites and pages load for others.

FileZilla: Filezilla is a very easy to use file management client. It's used to remotely connect to your servers files and upload or download files. A great piece of free software that is essential for any webmaster.

Komodo: I use macs for all my coding so my chosen HTML editor is Komodo. It’s very clean, simple and easy to use. You can install their basic version for free and its a must use essential tool for editing code.

W3C Validation: W3C Validation tool is a free to use mark up service that helps you validate your websites code. It’s important to check your sites are fully validated as it can improve the way your site displays and ranks.


PayPal: PayPal is the safest way online to pay, receive payments for your goods or services and transfer money to friends and family online. I use Paypal subscriptions to take monthly payments from certain clients and customers.

Payoneer: Payoneer is a good Paypal alternative to receive online payments. You can setup online transactions on monthly subscriptions and transfer the payments automatically to your business bank accounts for a very small fee.

ClickBank: Clickbank is an all-in-one performance marketing suite. It enables you to create payment gateways for your products or services. It handles payments, affiliate, refunds, VAT and everything in-between.

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